A Woman's Place Is In The Street

City governments in Spain are removing street names that are associated with General Francisco Franco's rule and "using the opportunity to commemorate more women, who currently lend their names to just 5 percent of Spain's streets." Those 5% featured are usually saints or nuns. According to El Diario, 137 Madrid streets are named after female saints, only one is named after a female teacher.
"It's almost as if the situation is the practical confirmation of the popular saying - that a woman's place is not in the street, but in the house." Patricia Arias Chachero
In Valencia, four out of five newly named streets have to bear the names of women. In one district, eight streets are being renamed and the public can choose from a list that includes Marie Curie and Rosa Luxemburg. Bilbao, Oviedo and Càdiz are some of the cities updating street names. (via CityLab)

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