Kitchenware for Users with Sight Loss

British product designer Simon Kinneir uses "subtle sensory feedback" to help users with visual impairment.
"If somebody has sight loss, it's not black and white. If someone has hearing loss, we don't have to make huge iterations to our environments products and services, but actually we can give subtle cues and people can work with those.
Self-confidence in the kitchen improves self-sufficiency for people with sight loss. Whether through temperature, sound, or movement, these products amplify active processes in the task at hand."
Simon Kinneir 
"The Leaven jug features a slanted container made of stainless steel, suspended in a tubular metal framework with an angled base. As the jug is filled up its balance changes, causing it to tip forward slightly so a user touching its frame knows when it is nearly full." (via Dezeen)

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Ey Alter

"EY ALTER, da bist du ja! Alt oder jung, oder was ist hier die Frage? Du wirst älter, jeden Tag. Und nicht nur du, alle anderen auch. Deutschland gehört bereits zu den ältesten Nationen der Welt. Und jetzt? Kollektiv senil oder lebenslang mobil? „Demokalypse“ oder „Demochance“? Wie siehst du dich selbst, in deinem Alter? Zeit, sich mit der Frage nach dem Alter neu zu befassen. Persönlich, gesellschaftlich, in Unternehmen und Schulen. Denn das Alter hat viele Gesichter – erlebe es selbst!"

… betrachtet den demografischen Wandel als Chance.
… ersetzt Altersstereotype durch Talente und Potenziale.
… entwickelt ein positives Bild zur Zukunft der Arbeit.
… setzt Impulse für neue Formen der Zusammenarbeit von Jung und Erfahren."

"EY ALTER ist eine Ausstellung, die auf Initiative und nach Ideen von Mercedes-Benz entstand.
Sie ist Teil der Demografie-Initiative „YES – Young and Experienced together Successful“, die einen Kulturwandel im Unternehmen anstößt und die Zusammenarbeit von jungen und erfahrenen Mitarbeitern in der Pkw-Produktion fördert. Realisiert wurde die Ausstellung unter wissenschaftlicher Begleitung der Jacobs University in Bremen."

Gasometer Berlin
Torgauerstr. 12
10829 Berlin Schöneberg
Die Ausstellung ist rollstuhlgeeignet.

Mehr: Ey Alter

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Ageism, a very strange thing

According to this selection of "millennials" you are old when you are 40 and when you hit this ancient age you will walk like a 120-year-old with arthritis. This is a very nice clip which, however, does not answer the question if these people live in age segregated bubbles - no parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, older neighbours, friends, colleagues ...?

Jacksonville: One City, Our City, My City

"The One City, Our City, My City campaign is something all can be involved in whether you live in Jacksonville or not. It simply asks you to participate in caring about your neighbor, about open lines of communication, about treating others with respect. It’s about listening to different points of view and tolerance. It’s a time to apply our faith to our actions in the community.
We’ve all seen on the national level how divisive these times can be. For Jacksonville, we want to show how together we can be. How we can care about each other. I’m asking all congregations, all Citizens to join with me. All groups and organizations and even other governments. All to join in this campaign for a new civil society. One of tolerance, caring and action. One City, Our City, My City."
Sammy Phillips, Mayor of Jacksonville

::: More: City of Jacksonville, North Carolina

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Huntington: Open to All

"Huntington is a city that embraces diversity and actively seeks inclusiveness.
That is the message that Mayor Steve Williams, the Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce, local business owners and members of the Mayor’s LGBT Advisory Committee are hoping to achieve in launching a new outreach campaign called “Open to All.”
The purpose of the campaign is to promote an inclusive environment for all people in the City of Huntington. It was developed by the Mayor’s LGBT Advisory Committee and is supported by the Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce."

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Photograph via Downtown Huntington