Stadthaushotel Hamburg

Since 1993, people with disabilities have been living and working under one roof - the Stadthaushotel Hamburg. The idea goes back to the inititative of parents who had the vision of a better future for their disabled children.

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On this International Women's Day, the city of Manchester is renamed Womanchester. The name is part of a programme that is dedicated to celebrated Womanchester's history of powerful women (Manchester Evening News). Founder of the British Suffragette movement Emmeline Pankhurst, for instance, was born in Manchester (Visit Manchester).
Happy International Women's Day 2018 to everyone!

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KidZania. An Interactive City Made for Children

"KidZania is an interactive city made for children 2-14 that combines inspiration, fun and learning through realistic role-play, making KidZania one of the fastest growing global learning and entertainment brands in the world. Kids can independently explore a scaled indoor city of over 7,000 square meters with more than 100 exciting careers that they can try."
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Atelier de conversation

Once a week, people from all over the world meet at the Atelier de conversation in the Centre Pompidou in Paris to talk to each other, to improve their French. People who would otherwise probably never meet come together at a place where "social and cultural borders dissolve".

Author and director: Bernhard Braunstein Awards: Opening Film, Cinéma du rèel 2017, Paris/France; Documentary Special Jury Prize, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2017, Karlovy Vary/Czech Republic; ARTE Documentary Film Prize, Duisburger Filmwoche 2017, Duisburg/Germany

"The therapy aspect is very important, but there are a lot of other aspects. I think the language is important and there are really people who are struggling and want to learn something and they’re writing down vocabulary. But there are also a lot of people who are coming there to find friends. The people connect and become friends, some help each other to find a flat or even move in together. So, this social part is very important and, of course, they are all going through a difficult experience and they feel that they can talk about it together. This is the therapy part of it."
Bernhard Braunstein

"We need to start to become human, rather than talking about the masses of immigrants that will destroy us, we should see the individuals. I think this is something you can see in my film. You see that these are people, these are humans with a story and not somehow a danger."
Bernhard Braunstein

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Milan is a Solidarity City

"Milan is a community of peace and tolerance, seeking to become a capital of freedeom where the responsibility to welcome and include migrants is a top priority. In May 2017, 100.000 people marched for "Together without borders" animated by the hope of those who believe in the respect of ethnic and cultural diversity. Milan supports the Solidarity Cities Initiative and is convinced that a plural society is a growth opportunity for everyone."
Giuseppe Sala, mayor of Milan

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Save the date: 3. Ball der Vielfalt

Am 16. März 2018 ist es soweit, der dritte Ball der Vielfalt findet in Graz statt. Der Ball der Menschlichkeit steht allen offen, ganz im inklusiven Sinne und startet um 19 Uhr in den Kammersälen (via Behindertenrat).

Programm: 3. Ball der Vielfalt

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Traveleyes is a tour operator that organises group holidays for both blind and sighted travellers. Each day, a blind traveller is paired with a different sighted traveller making sure that people taking part are getting to know each other (via 101 Holidays). It was founded by Amar Latif in 2004.

"As a sighted traveller, you’ll share your sight and help to make the world accessible. At the same time, you’ll be guided yourself in an exploration of your other senses – you’ll be amazed at what you’ve been missing! No experience of blindness is necessary as full training and support are provided."

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