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My name is Essie Faria, I am a young 81 and I love to dance, and I just love to be active.

"Nobody help me ever. I don't believe this word."

Published on Mar 31, 2014
I have not seen Lukasz since the night we filmed him in 2011. He told me he was moving on from Manchester as it was only a stop off on his journey. (Mike Staniforth, YouTube)

Save the date: Stolperstein-Verlegung in Graz

"Die nächste Stolperstein-Verlegung wird am FR, den 29. JUNI 2018, stattfinden, voraussichtl. 14:00 oder 14:30 für die Familie Schkolnik/Benedikt
– Grieskai 50
– Lagergasse 89
– Pestalozzistr. 1
unter Teilnahme der aus Israel anreisenden Töchter, die als Kleinkinder mit ihren Familien vertrieben worden sind. Großvater Aron Schkolnik wurde ermordet (nach dem Krieg als „verschollen“ gemeldet“).

Die Eltern Samuel und Elisabeth Schkolnik, geb. Benedikt, und ihre Töchter Sylvia Lucia, geb. 11.8.1937, und Ruth, geb. 14.8.1934 konnten 1938 ins damalige Palästina flüchten, wie auch die Schwestern Samuel Schkolniks mit ihren Ehepartnern. Ein anderer Teil der Familie: Elisabeths Schkolniks Vater Josef Benedikt, damals Cantor der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde, flüchtete mit seiner Frau Regina Benedikt, geb. Goldstein (und vermutl. weiteren Familienmitgliedern) in die USA."

Verein für Gedenkkultur Stolpersteine in Graz

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Foto via Wikimedia

This Lady...

Repicturing Homeless | Getty Images & fiftyfifty

"Repicturing Homeless is a project from Getty Images partnered with fiftyfifty, a street magazine sold by homeless people.
We worked with the homeless at fiftyfifty as models to shoot stock images. In the photos, we transformed the homeless into common people from different paths of life: businessman, designer, chef, tourist, and so on. We shot the most downloaded themes on Getty, and all profits from the photos will go to help the homeless people at fiftyfifty.
People always see homeless people as sad, poor and inferior. This is also what the media and most homeless campaigns have been re-affirming. This project is aimed to change such perceptions, shedding light on the hopeful side of the homeless, and helping people see their possibilities."
Repicturing Homeless

"We recognised the role we can play in helping shift the negative stigma around the homeless. So this partnership is an opportunity to drive postive change for this community." 
Paul Foster, Senior Director Creative Imagery, Getty Images

::: More: Getty Images & fiftyfifty

Braille Menus

"In a survey run in conjunction with the Macular Society, the entrepreneur found that 87 per cent of visually impaired diners rely on their companions to read the menu aloud. Mr Wadsworth added: 'The hope is that, with the app, everyone at the table is more equal, making dining out more dignified for everyone.'"
J. Merrill

- The Diner With the Braille Menu (2017): LINK
- A menu that speaks for itself: Blind entrepreneur launches app to revolutionise eating out for Britain's visually impaired (2013): LINK
- Major restaurants now have Braille menus for the blind, but there is still a void (2016): LINK
- Visually-Impaired Teen Starts Clever Braille Menu Business (2012): LINK
- Making the case for greater access to Braile menus (2016): LINK

How to send an E-Mail, Thames TV's computer programme 'Database', 1984

Back to the future of our commuication. The digital communication was seen as a sort of a social inclusion tool.

"How to send an e mail 1980's style. Electronic message writing down the phone line. First shown on Thames TV's computer programme 'Database' in 1984 (07/06/1984)."

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via Thames Television Archive

Toronto for All

"We believe in a Toronto where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. A city where we all work together to make sure none of us gets left behind. Here, you will find the tools you need to be part of a Toronto that is more welcoming, more inclusive and better for all of us."

Why address men's homelessness?
Because homeless men are among the most vulnerable residents in our city, the way we tackle housing them needs to change. Instead of traditional shelter models, we are moving forward with a housing and services model that provides enhanced support to men experiencing homelessness. This means men can receive more personalized and focused support as they begin the process of rebuilding their lives. Services will also be delivered in a way that engages and enriches communities across our city. The first step is one that we all must take – do we want to include our most vulnerable, or ignore them? Which Toronto do we want to be?
Why address anti-Black racism?
Anti-Black racism still exists in Toronto – especially in the biases we hold that inform the decisions and judgements we make every day. Working with our friends at OCASI, we want to be leaders in helping people both confront their biases and learn how they can do to make our city an inclusive and prosperous place for everyone.

Why address Islamophobia?
Toronto is one of the most diverse and welcoming places in the world, but some Muslims still experience harassment. We partnered with OCASI to remind us all that Toronto belongs to everyone – and that Muslims are as much a part of the fabric of our city as any other group of people. Everyone who lives here deserves the benefit of the inclusiveness and support that has made our city envious to the rest of the world.

Why address transgender youth of colour?
We want a welcome, safe and inclusive environment for trans youth of colour in Toronto. For this to happen, it’s imperative to understand the complexities of gender and race as well as the difference between sex and gender. Trans youth of colour are part of Toronto’s LGBTQ community yet they are underserved and often experience neglect, bias and violence because of transphobia and racism. We partnered with the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP) and a committee of trans youth of colour from across the city to develop this campaign and inform, educate and create opportunities to learn about these issues.

::: Via/Much more (figures, testing bias, background information, etc.): LINK

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The Mutes from Mars

The Mutes (from mars) is a unique professional rock band that draws on the creativity and passion of a group of incredible musicians, writers and performers who have a range of social and learning disabilities, the challenges of which have not limited the possibilities and talent of six amazing rockers.

The Mutes members are committed to their musical vision of bridging the gaps in society’s understanding and perceptions of people who have been marginalised in our community as well as make and perform great music.

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