Tolerance Posters | designmonat graz 2018

"Design triggers emotions which are located between aversion and approval, enthusiasm and disappointment, outrage and indifference. Yet, who is the one to say what is beautiful? Who says what works for whom and why? And who judges good taste – and why?
Design is also a question of tolerance. So, Designmonat Graz focuses on the topic of tolerance. It challenges and demands tolerance! And it also challenges you: with an interesting program, with an unusual graphic design and with a lot of design within 4 weeks!"

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"How tolerant does design need to be? And what can design contribute to tolerance? The “Tolerance Posters” are original contributions by international designers and do provide extraordinary answers to these questions. The touring exhibition has already been hosted in the USA, as well as in Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Spain and the Netherlands. It was always displayed in public spaces, hence, locations where tolerance is experienced, discussed and questioned. At each station, the number of exhibits is expanded by a local piece: Herms Fritz, artist and graphic designer from Graz, expands the international show for Austria."

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photograph by MLM

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