"I feel like an animal on the verge of extinction."

"I feel like an animal on the verge of extinction; Waterloo estate is like an animal on the verge of extinction."

"This a home sweet home for me. It’s a shelter after what I’ve gone through in life. I’m still struggling now and then but I’m happy and free and this is me.
It’s a beautiful place to live in. We have space to sit down in the sun, to bounce a ball when my grandkids come, and I’ve got a little garden block down there because I’m an outdoor person.
My grandkids love it. They say, ‘Nana, can we go to your garden? Nana, can we go to your garden?’ I go there most days. I grow celery, coriander, tomatoes, ginger, rosemary, parsley, lemon grass. I do a lot of cooking.
I think it would be a good idea for the politicians to come and stay a week in our homes and see how they feel. Tell the prime minister to come and live with me, or we swap and I’ll go over there and deal with parliament and he can do my housework!
We are people, people with heart. We have value. We value ourselves. We’re not animals."

"These lines separating people - that doesn't happen here. We are a circle."
A resident

"An estimated 3,600 elderly and low-income residents will be moved out of the way when a new metro station is added and associated reconstruction complete. Indirectly, the lighting lends a voice to people living in vulnerable low-rise structures below, which are the most likely to be demolished and replaced."
Web Urbanist

"We’re really excited to tell you ... These are marketing types. They must have called up their marketing mates and said, ‘How do we market this bullshit?,’ and that’s what they came up with!"
Peter skimming the opening line of the letter from Hazzard when he was minister for social housing

photograph via Dezeen

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