Michelle Obama says...

"Yes there are the projects that happen downtown – that important building, that important park – but there's also those community centres, those parks and district facilities, the homes, the opportunities that you have to make a neighbourhood beautiful for a family or a child that feels like no one cares."

"When you run out of resources, who's the last to get the resources? The kids outside the circle."

"Cities are a complex, big, messy enterprise. And they're expensive."

"To have a city with millions of people – with dense populations, great architecture, economic development, commercial development – and when you think about what it takes to run a city – the infrastructure, pot-hole repairs, traffic safety, you name it... it is expensive. It takes an investment."

"This project means the world to me and knowing that we have architects that appreciate the whole project and not just what the building looks like – which is important, but it's a building that's sitting in a neighbourhood."

"If we're going to have cities, then we have to invest."

(quotes via Dezeen)

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photograph via Business Times

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