A Smart Spoon Helps Shaky Hands

“I felt a loss of dignity. I felt like everyone was looking at me because I had trouble getting food from my plate or my bowl to my mouth without spilling. I just felt more comfortable to stay at home and eat by myself.” Stephanie Mendel, 78
Liftware's spoons are designed for a) people with limited hand and arm mobility and b) for people with hand tremor. Electronics in the handle of the "anti-shake" spoon cancel out shakes by 70%. Those with limited hand or arm mobility (e.g. due to cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, Huntington's disease, post-stroke deficits) find eating easier as sensors inside the handle constantly track the user's hand positions and adjust them.
Liftware founder Anupam Pathak started Liftware in 2013 to help people with neurological conditions. In 2015, spoon prices were dropped to make them more accessible. San Francisco-based Lift Labs have been bought by Google.
(via Mail Online and San Francisco Chronicle and Cerebral Palsy News Today)

See how it works:

::: Introducing Liftware Level: WATCH
::: Liftware counteracts shaking: WATCH

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Photograph via Liftware

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