Comfort in Times of Mental Distress: The Emotional First Aid Kit

"In spite of culture, background, wealth – everybody suffers the same emotional ups and downs of life. What if we treated emotional health equally to psychical health? This kit is designed for very different emotional scenarios."
Rui Sun
Rui Sun designed five objects that provide a different comfort in times of mental distress: the Purple Breathing Mask that emits calming scents in intense situations, the Indigo Third Eyeglasses with three lenses to remind us that we can look at things using a different perspective, the Blue Stress Buster that visualises sound with blue ink, the Green Meditating Stethoscope, and the Yellow Confidence Booster (Dezeen).
"Though these products have a novel nature, the Emotional First Aid Kit is an expression of society’s relatively recent increase in conversations about mental wellness. Projects of this kind can turn back the stigma of illnesses of the mind and Rui Sun is one of many designers who are interested in addressing the imbalance between the attention given to physical injury and that of emotional health."
Design Indaba

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