A City's East Side, A City's Poor Side

London, Paris, New York, Toronto, Bristol, Manchester, Brighton, Glasgow, Oxford, Helsinki, Casablanca ... are cities where poverty clusters in the east. And according to research findings, this is no coincidence. Docks, waste, air pollution (no British city has a wind pattern that creates a polluted west), and smell were historically (i.e., when industrialisation started) taken eastward. Mostly, it is poverty that is found on a city's east side. No "eastern poverty patterns" were found before the industrialisation of the 19th century.
(The Guardian)

“This anecdotal discussion about pollution in the centre of cities and smoke drifting to the east is something that we have been documenting very precisely. Basically what we’ve been seeing in the past, because of pollution and wind patterns, is rich people escaping the eastern parts of town, because they were very polluted.”
Yanos Zylberberg

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Photograph by/via David Burton

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