Texas African American History Memorial

"The Texas African American History Memorial Foundation is created to raise funds for the construction and dedication of a monument honoring African American Texans and their contributions to our great state."(Texas African American History Memorial Foundation)
“We have walked these ground for years and talked about the lack of representation in terms of the monuments as it relates to the African American experience. We know in the beginning of the beginning that African Americans, even when they were in chains, helped to build this building.” Helen Giddings
"Denver-based sculptor Ed Dwight proposed the Texas African-American History Memorial to celebrate more than 400 years of achievements by black Texans. The sculpture, which will be 27 feet high and be 32 feet long when completed, stands near the Capitol’s main entrance. (...)
One side of the monument, which will be completely installed by mid-October, depicts 48 slaves and marks the moment that slaves were emancipated in Texas. The other points to the state’s abundant cattle, cotton and oil resources and the contributions black Texans made to those industries. Plaques and other features still need to be added to the monument.
Here's what the monument at the Texas Capitol will look like when it's completed. This model was on display at the Texas Capitol's agriculture museum. BOB DAEMMRICH A public dedication and unveiling of the monument will occur this fall after its completion, according to a spokesman for the State Preservation Board." (The Texas Tribune)

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- Photograph via Ed Dwight
- Posted on 11 October 2016

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