Designing cities for older people and those with dementia. The new normal.

"Mr Luscombe has been working with Moonee Valley City Council on a new toolkit to raise community awareness of the issue and what works, and to support council planners and designers to create age and dementia friendly streetscapes and communities.
The project, which was supported by the Municipal Association of Victoria and the Victorian Department of Human Services, aimed to produce a practical guide for the design of inclusive neighbourhoods. It was based on the latest evidence as well as the views and experiences of older people and people living with dementia." (Australian Ageing Agenda)
“The question is how we can design communities that make it easier for older people and those living with dementia to get out, and more enjoyable for them to live the way they want to."
Guy Luscombe

“Isolation is a huge issue so improving the local environment will improve people’s ability to get out and engage with life." Guy Luscombe 
“But as well as the social benefits, there are commercial benefits for the local community, as seniors go out during the day to the local shopping centre or mall, and they tend to buy locally from people they know. So it has a knock-on effect for local businesses.”
Guy Luscombe
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