The Dementia Simulator

"Di Peng's Dementia Simulator has a frosted casing with distorting eye-wear inside. An inhibiting mouthpiece makes it difficult to speak, and a noises and voices are played into the user's ears to imitate sound-based hallucinations. Essentially, the wearer perceives a severely skewed impression of his surroundings and finds it extremely difficult to communicate. With the awareness that this symptom simulator inspires, no doubt there will be further creative developments in products that make living with the disease more tolerable."
(TrendHunter Tech)

"Peng created the helmet as a way to help non-sufferers experience aspects of the disease, thereby increasing empathy and helping them care for patients or relatives with dementia.
'In order to weaken the stereotypes and misconceptions towards dementia patients, I believe we could use simulation and pretence as a method to further understand their inner world,' he said.
'Mostly, it enables the stakeholders around dementia patients, usually their family members or caretakers, to better understand dementia beyond what modern medicine could explain.""

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