London, oh London

“I have vowed to be a proud feminist at City Hall, and I am determined to make the GLA* a model employer that removes any barriers to women by adopting the highest possible standards for fair pay, good working conditions and gender equality. It is unacceptable that in London, one of the world’s greatest and most progressive cities, someone’s pay and career prospects can still be defined by their gender.”
Sadiq Khan
*Greater London Authority

London's new mayor Sadiq Khan "challenged London’s firms to follow his lead, as he launched an action plan for pay equality across the Greater London Authority — including Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police Service, whic (sic) will also produce gender audits. A variety of measures are already in place at City Hall aimed at boosting female representation. Khan has already appointed women to several key roles, including overseeing transport, policing and culture." (Women in the World)

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Photograph via St Giles London

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