Radical Architecture: Superstudio

In 1966, two recent graduates of the Florence School of Architecture, Adolfo Natalini and Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, began Superstudio as an architectural firm that didn’t practice architecture, but thought it. Fed up with the old guard of architects who ran the Italian universities, but lacking the means or clout to get commissions, the young architects used the language of architectural drawings and collages to critique the blanket of modernist architecture that covered many cities in the post-war period. (Eli Neumann-Hammond)

"A ’60s Architecture Collective That Made History (but No Buildings)"
Stephen Wallis, New York Times

Besides major cities like New York City, Superstudio took an Austrian city in consideration, too: Megastructure Graz by Superstudio

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All images courtesy of Stuperstudio

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