Le Carillon. Chacun Pour Tous... When Shops Mark Their Windows for the Homeless in Paris

"Le Carillon est un projet solidaire qui s'appuie sur les particuliers et commerçants d'un quartier afin de soutenir les personnes à la rue."  Le Carillon
Louis-Xavier Leca founded the Le Carillon project in Paris last November. In the meantime, he has partnered with about 70 small businesses in the area to distribute stickers indicating their support of needy Parisians. What this beautiful project is about?

"Each sticker features an icon representing a free service, from a hot meal or glass of water to a haircut or restroom access. At the local market Les poireaux de Marguerite, homeless residents can reheat a dish or make an emergency phone call. And at the tea room/coffee shop Chez toi ou chez moi, they can charge cell phones, use a first aid kit, or send mail for free.

In a city with a skyrocketing homeless population, this act of charity couldn’t come at a better time. By connecting local shops to underserved residents, Le Carillon helps to foster a much-needed sense of community. Before Le Carillon officially began in November, Leca says, many shopkeepers wanted to help their homeless neighbors, but didn’t know how to reach out. While certain establishments were already opening their doors to the homeless by offering free coffee or restrooms, homeless residents had no way to distinguish between a place that would accept or reject them." (CityLab)

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Photograph via Faiseurs du Boite

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