"The research “UrbAging – Planning and designing the urban space for an ageing society” focused on the built environment and public space of two Swiss cities, with respect to their adequacy to the needs of the older generations. Thanks to the direct involvement in the participation process, the needs of the elderly people in the public space were identified. The project results are summarized and collected in the “chart of age-friendly public space” and in the interactive web based Decision support system UrbAging (www.urbaging.ch). These tools were developed to provide the partners with a helpful synthetic framework for their field work. The paper presents the criteria underlying this tool. The project is presented in the general framework of the necessary interdisciplinary work in urban planning, the challenges of sustainable urban development, and the demographic shift."

::: DOWNLOAD: Martinoni, M. (n.d.) Criteria for the elderly people city? Simplify the complexity to act in concrete terms; 21 pages

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photograph via Zürich

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