Gay Brighton: Everyone is welcome

"The LGBT community of Brighton and Hove is one of the largest in the United Kingdom. Brighton, a seaside resort on the south coast of England is generally agreed to be the unofficial "gay capital" of the UK, and records LGBT history in the city since the 19th century. (...) Many men were initially drawn to Brighton by the enormous numbers of soldiers garrisoned in the town during the Napoleonic Wars. Evidence suggests that a floating population and good transport links with London helped its reputation as a place for the LGBT community. By the 1930s, Brighton started to flourish as a gay destination and many gay and lesbian pubs started to establish themselves."

"In a 2014 estimate, 11–15% of the city's population aged 16 or over is thought to be lesbian, gay or bisexual. The city also had the highest percentage of same-sex households in the UK in 2004 and the largest number of civil partnership registrations outside London in 2013." (Wikipedia)

"With its laid back, bohemian atmosphere and reputation for cheeky, free thinking, lesbian and gay Brighton has long been considered the UK's gay capital. Everyone is welcome here.
As well as a thriving gay scene that offers some of the best gay bars and clubs in the country, you'll also discover a heady mix of attractions, festivals, museums, film, nightlife, comedy and theatre.
What's more, as well as being the proud home to one of the biggest Pride festivals in Europe, the city is also a top destination for civil partnership & same sex marriage ceremonies, making it the perfext choice for romantic or honeymoon breaks.
And if you are an LGBT family with kids, Brighton is perfect for a weekend or family friendly getaway too.
So whether you want to chill out with a laid back cultural weekend or dive into the city's thriving ‘Gay Quarter’, check out this section for all you need to know about lesbian and gay Brighton."
(Visit Brighton)

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