Calming Stone Designed to Prevent Panic Attacks

"Other than medication, there is not a product specifically designed to help improve mental health." Ramon Telfer
The Calming Stone is a hand-held device aiming to help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. Designer Ramon Telfer's approach is based on his practises to manage his own panic attacks.

"Cool air is released onto the user’s face to encourage calmer breathing; lavender capsules can be inserted to scent the air and aid relaxation; and a wireless in-ear headphone enables the user to discreetly follow a series of guided meditations."
"After years of struggling with my own anxiety problems, I developed multiple techniques to provide relief during anxiety episodes or panic attacks. I decided to design a device that combines these techniques to deliver instant panic relief anywhere, anytime."
Ramon Telfer
"I discovered that breathing is one of the most important aspects of controlling emotion, whether it be anxiety, anger, or sadness. By controlling your breathing and focusing on fresh, cool air many people have found that they can relieve stress."
Ramon Telfer
"The calming effects enable it to be used by anyone under stress or feeling normal levels of anxiety – whether it’s a child before a school speech, or a professional before a board presentation or an athlete before a competition." Ramon Telfer (Dezeen)
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Image via Dezeen

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