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RainCity Housing, a non-profit organisation, teamed up with Spring Advertising in order to turn seven bus stop benches into billboards that promote their mission to provide housing for the homeless in Vancouver. They were, however, more than billboards as additional backboards could be flipped turning the bench into a covered place to sleep at night. The billboards were taken off the streets after a while but surely managed to draw international attention to the cause. And they were a clear message considering what was happening in London at the same time in 2014: Laying down hostile "anti-homeless spikes" (that sparked outrage and were partly removed after petitions against them) outside buildings to keep homeless people from sleeping there (Business Insider).
By the way, another bench installation read "This is a bench" during daytime and "This is a bedroom" at nights. The glow-in-the-dark words used UV rays from sunlight (News Mic).

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