Nothing to Hide: The Open Glass Islamic Culture Center for New York

"We want to promote Islam as a culture, not a religion."
"One of the early ideas about this building is that we really want it to be open and welcoming. We want to replace the image of Islam in the West from one of fear of the unknown to that of surprisingly pleasant." 
Koray Duman

In 2014, the New York-based nonprofit organisation "American Society for Muslim Advancement" approached the architecture studio Buro Koray Duman to design a Muslim-sponsored multi-faith community centre (Dezeen). "Designed to dispel fears surrounding Muslim culture, practices and traditions, a new wide-open skyscraper design for New York City invites people of all faiths to enter, through both programmatic functions and a clear facade." (Web Urbanist)

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image via The Architect's Newspaper

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