Conventional architecture is exclusive - the future is inclusive

"In this day and age, we as an industry should make an effort to create environments that encourage social interaction, integration, communication and respect – places that celebrate diversity and difference. In other words, places that are inclusive."
Mei-Yee Man Oram

"History is full of examples of how architecture has been used to create segregation and separation within a community. You can see this in the idea of a downstairs for servants and an upstairs for their masters. And you can see it in plantations, which were designed to enforce the imposed hierarchy of master over slave through location, quality and architectural finishes."
Mei-Yee Man Oram

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- by Mei-Yee Man Oram, Accessible Environments team, Arup
- Foto (Graz, Terrassenhaussiedlung) (c) Helmut Tezak, Guttmann, E. & Kaiser, G. (2013) Werkgruppe Graz 1959-1989, Architecture at the Turn of Late Modernism. Zürich: Park Books, ISBN 978-3-906027-28-9

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