Repicturing Homeless | Getty Images & fiftyfifty

"Repicturing Homeless is a project from Getty Images partnered with fiftyfifty, a street magazine sold by homeless people.
We worked with the homeless at fiftyfifty as models to shoot stock images. In the photos, we transformed the homeless into common people from different paths of life: businessman, designer, chef, tourist, and so on. We shot the most downloaded themes on Getty, and all profits from the photos will go to help the homeless people at fiftyfifty.
People always see homeless people as sad, poor and inferior. This is also what the media and most homeless campaigns have been re-affirming. This project is aimed to change such perceptions, shedding light on the hopeful side of the homeless, and helping people see their possibilities."
Repicturing Homeless

"We recognised the role we can play in helping shift the negative stigma around the homeless. So this partnership is an opportunity to drive postive change for this community." 
Paul Foster, Senior Director Creative Imagery, Getty Images

::: More: Getty Images & fiftyfifty

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