Braille Menus

"In a survey run in conjunction with the Macular Society, the entrepreneur found that 87 per cent of visually impaired diners rely on their companions to read the menu aloud. Mr Wadsworth added: 'The hope is that, with the app, everyone at the table is more equal, making dining out more dignified for everyone.'"
J. Merrill

- The Diner With the Braille Menu (2017): LINK
- A menu that speaks for itself: Blind entrepreneur launches app to revolutionise eating out for Britain's visually impaired (2013): LINK
- Major restaurants now have Braille menus for the blind, but there is still a void (2016): LINK
- Visually-Impaired Teen Starts Clever Braille Menu Business (2012): LINK
- Making the case for greater access to Braile menus (2016): LINK

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