The City, Public Transit and the Elderly

"(...) public transit itself can be difficult for older people to navigate, and is unreliable or insufficient for many trips in most U.S. cities. Unreliable transit is a major contributor to missed health care appointments, which cost individual hospitals tens of millions of dollars a year in revenue and productivity loss; older patients are more likely to miss appointments. Moreover, lack of access to transportation can make it difficult for older people to participate in civic life, see family and friends, and access services, volunteer opportunities, or jobs. As they age, many older people decrease the number of trips they take, leading to social isolation and declining health. An analysis of 2009 National Household Travel Survey data found that, among adults 65 and older who reported not having taken a trip outside the home in the past week, more than half reported that they would like to get out more often.2 That same analysis found that 21% of people aged 65+ do not drive."

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