A Dental Clinic for Patients with Dental Phobia

"Our aim was to design a clinic we would be less afraid to go to." 
Germain Canon

"Architect Germain Canon and industrial designer Li Mengshu have used glass panels to divide the rooms of a Taiwan dental clinic, which features a waiting area designed to feel like a living room."

"Other architectural projects have explored dental anxiety from a different perspective. Casey Vallance of Cox Rayner Architects used natural materials to create a calming environment for an Australian oral health eduction facility, addressing the high stress levels reported in the profession."

"The treatment and reception rooms of the centre are connected by a main hallway that is placed adjacent to the street so it is filled with natural lighting. Spaces are divided by frosted partitions and sliding panels, used to make rooms feel like an extension of one another."

"The clinic, which is in Taoyuan city, has been created to feel accessible to visitors, rather than "hermetic"."


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Photograph via Dezeen

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