Universal Design: Guidelines for Commercial Buildungs

"The importance and the benefits of universal design are widely recognised. Universal design increases the mobility and communication of people, which helps to integrate people of different abilities into the mainstream daily life. It enables everyone to enjoy the built environment and live a quality life. This “all inclusive” society that addresses the individual’s special needs will lead to innovative and creative response in the design of built environment."

"These guidelines deal with the various provisions of universal design with focus on commercial buildings. They are organised based on functional areas inside and outside of buildings. Within each functional area, several essential components will be deliberated. The main functional areas consist of Carpark, Entrance, Horizontal Circulation, Vertical Circulation, Mechanical Circulation, Facilities, Retail and Food & Beverage. Within each functional area, the main components are elaborated."

::: DOWNLOAD Building and Construction Authority (2006) Universal Design. Guidelines (Commercial Buildings), 103 pages

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Photograph via IF Group

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