Toyota's Wearable Mobility Device for the Blind

"The freedom to move is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. However, many people across the world face mobility challenges—from the man whose village has limited access to public transportation, to the woman whose outdated city infrastructure causes her to be stuck in traffic everyday. Those who face difficulties getting around due to visual impairments are no different. While great strides have been made, there are still opportunities to help visually impaired people move more freely and independently."

"Toyota believes everyone should be able to move freely and safely. This is why Toyota engineers and the Toyota Partner Robot Group have collaborated for 4 years with leading organizations and members of the blind community, to better understand the mobility needs of the visually impaired. The result is Project BLAID—a wearable mobility device for the blind and vision impaired that helps fill in the blanks left by canes, dogs and existing GPS devices."


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