Schizophrenia Cutlery

Last year, Central Saint Martins graduate Firdaws Fourcroy created cutlery that is deliberately rather difficult to eath with aiming to raise awareness and empathy for so-called abnormal behaviour.
"They are designed for people who think of themselves as 'normal', for people who haven't thought about what it might feel like to be cut off, to be put aside from society and be considered abnormal."Firdaws Fourcroy
"The Homemade Schizophrenia cutlery collection includes a fork that can only pick up one of rice grain at a time, a spoon that it too big to fit into the mouth, and a weak knife that cuts ineffectively. The heads are heavier than the handles and contain magnets, making them almost impossible to use."

"Fourcroy has spent many years working closely with someone previously diagnosed as manic-depressive, whose diagnosis has recently been changed to one of schizoaffective disorder."

"The designer felt that the care for schizoaffective disorder was too focused on reducing so-called "abnormal" behaviours."

"By creating a set of cutlery that forces users out of their normal eating habits, Fourcroy hopes to make other people question their definitions of normality." (Dezeen)
"My cutlery aims to challenge that. It is designed to disrupt everyday rituals, and render the user unproductive."
Firdaws Fourcroy
More: Dezeen

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Photograph via Damn

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