Never too old to play

"Society is continually making judgements about when you are old enough for something – and when you are too old." Age Concern England, 2005
And that also implies that you are told to be too old for playgrounds ... and after a while told not to be moving enough... Recently, however, cities (e.g. in Britain) started designing multi-generational playgrounds, in other words, outdoor gyms that do not exclude people just because of their age. Cities are finally (and slowly) adapting to ageing populations; urban design needs to encourage active lifestyles - not only until a certain age but throughout life.

The genius idea is not that new in Spain where senior-citizen playgrounds provide a place to enjoy physical activity and to socialise. In the meantime, over fifty intergenerational playgrounds have been built in the U.S. (Upworthy).

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Photograph via The Guardian

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